Keith is an amazing instructor who taught me how to understand time signatures, different note values, and how to read a drum sheet music. The good thing is that he is able to relate this to the music I actually listen to or music that we are all familiar with. He finds ways for me to understand the technical concepts and see how it's actually used.

In addition to this, I learned proper posture, drum rudiments, and developing my sense of time. He emphasizes the importance of precision over speed in the beginning, which, in my opinion, is crucial in developing my coordination and actual understanding of what's really going on.

He values the importance of practicing everyday and how this can improve both my speed and precision as I progress.

I can't imagine learning how to play the drums any other way. Other instructors might teach you just how to play certain songs, but Keith would teach you the fundamentals, the technical details, and playing right. And all that for a 1-hour session per week at a very good price.

Highly recommended!

We're so glad to have found OC Drumming. My 11 yr. old son has been receiving lessons for a little less than a year, and he just loves them. Keith, the instructor, is great; his passion for drumming is reflected through his instruction.

We appreciate his dedication, kindness and flexibility. Keith certainly has the knowledge and experience to teach. I was impressed on how well and fast my son learned to play beats in just a few sessions. I totally recommend OC Drumming to anyone who is seeking to learn to play the drums. Stacey and Keith provide excellent service!! Thanks Keith and Stacey!! You guys are a blessing.

When our 15 year old son expressed an interest in taking drum lessons 4 months ago, we were faced with the difficult task of finding an instructor and studio which would enable him to effectively pursue his passion.

We wanted a drummer who had world class drumming experience and talent, a great motivator, humble, superb teacher, had a sense of humor, and who really cared. Of course, lesson flexibility, location, safety,and cost all came into consideration as well. If you are looking for these characteristics and more, look no further. Keith D. and OC Drumming is where you want to be. Our student and us could not be happier!! This place is uber recommended!!!

I have been learning how to play the drums from Keith for less than a year. He is very patient with me especially when I get down on myself for struggling with some beats. I look forward to going to lessons every Monday.

Keith has been playing drums for 35 plus years, and is still learning different things. He stays on top of playing the drums with continuing to become a better drummer which in turn he shares that with his students. Keith's rates for lessons are more than competitive with other instructors. His studio is well put together and inviting. It is always clean and he is always there for your lesson. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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