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Sing Your Rhythms

It sounds very vocal, that’s because it is. What I mean is actually finding ways to use your voice to sound like your drums. These are some suggestions, however it is a very personal thing. Feel free to use my sounds or create your own. Singing Rhythms gives you a chance to be able to better work out what you hear in your head or your favorite song when trying to convert them to your set. I can’t tell you how many countless days I would walk up and down my street singing beats, fills and air drumming.

Here is what it sounds like after you have mastered it!

Follow Along .........

Boom, zit, dat, zit, boom boom, zit, da, da, da, crunch, crunch
1       +    2    +    ah        3      +   4    e    +      ah          1

Ding, ding, dot, ding, boom, boom, ding, dot, doon, doon, buuush, buuush,
1       +      2      +      ah        3        +      4      e         +        ah           1

Here are some examples for you to try:

Bass Drum - Boom, Bum

Toms - Doon, Da, (high to low)

Snare - Dot, Dat, Bop, Crack,

High Hat - Zit

Cymbals - Buuush, Bisshhh, Bing, Crunch

Ride - Ding

Cow Bell - Dock